Who Benefits From Selling The MUA?

Lets just get right to the point the only people that benefit from selling the MUA is our Mayor David Mayer and his Town Council.

Our Mayor works for American Water as their Director of Government Affairs and Buisness Development. His job is to get American Water into more communities in New Jersey. Here is a timeline of what he has done since being hired by American Water in 2019.

  • 2019 Mayor David Mayer started working for American Water as their Director of Government Affairs.
  • 2020 David Mayer is promoted to Director of Government Affairs and Director of Buisness Development.
  • 2023 Mayor David Mayer dissolved our physically/financially successful GTMUA and merged it with Public Works. The Mayor and Town Council assured the concerned MUA workers that they weren’t loosing their union jobs and it was just a way to consolidate government services. At this point the Mayor and Town Council took the GTMUA’s $6 million dollar surplus that they had saved for fixing broken sewer lines. When the workers questioned why they would take their surplus the Mayor and Council said they used it to pay down other township debts.
  • 2024 the Mayor and his council replaced the director of the MUA with former assemblyman/personal friend Gabriela Mosquera. Ms. Mosquera has zero experience running an MUA utility and since taking on the Director position has refused to properly answer questions the MUA employees have or conduct requested in person meetings with the MUA workers. Even though her literal job is to lead the MUA workers Ms. Mosquera has failed to do just that. The Mayor and Town Council also walked away from talks to give the MUA workers a $2.00 raise in March 2024. The Mayor and Town Council then tried to quietly vote for a sale of the GTMUA to American Water without the knowledge of the township residents. By law the Council has to put this question on the ballot in November because there isn’t anything physically or financially wrong with our township MUA.
  • It should also be known that the Norcross Brothers who are currently indicted by the NJ Attorny General for racketeering have ties to American Water.Phil Norcross serves as a lobbyist for New Jersey American Water. And Democratic Party Boss George Norcross personally convinced the CEO of American Water to move it’s headquarters to the Camden waterfront awarding the company $164 million dollars in tax credits to build the American Water headquarters in Camden.

If the Mayor, the Town Council, and the Norcross brothers get what they want and the MUA is sold to American Water our sewer bills will inflate and our great sewer services will dissappear.

This sale only benefits the ones at the top, the Mayor the Town Council, and the recently indicted Norcross brothers.

Help save the jobs of the MUA workers and save the residents from inflated sewer bills! Vote early, vote by mail, or vote on election day November 5, 2024.

The image below is how the question may be worded on the November Ballot.