Why Save The MUA?

Selling the MUA would mean the end of affordable township sewer bills.

As of right now we pay $46.00 every three months for township sewer service and $93.00 every three months for county sewer service.

If the MUA were to be sold to the Mayor’s employer American Water our township sewer bill would become a monthly bill and that sewer bill would be calculated off of how much water you use each month to calculate your sewer bill price.

The bill would also include extra fees for perspective line work American Water may do in the future in Gloucester township, and the bill would include line work American Water may be financing in other townships such as Salem County NJ where American Water owns the lines and needs to repair all of them.

This means that Gloucester township residents would be paying for work in other townships through our monthly sewer bill since that is how American Water operates.

Our sewer bill would likely go from $15.00 a month to $65.00-$85.00 a month if it were to be sold to the Mayor’s employer American Water. Plus we would still be expected to pay our $93.00 bill to the CCMUA every three months.

As if that isn’t bad enough we would also loose the great service we receive from our township MUA. As of right now our MUA will help us no matter the day or time and will often unclog our lines from the street to our homes for FREE.

If the MUA is sold to the Mayor’s employer American Water you will no longer get 24/7 help and free unclogging of your home lines. You will be expected to call a plumber or sign up for American Water’s protection program which costs more money on top of your inflated monthly bill, and is known to have poor customer service and rising premiums with each year you are on the protection plan.

Privatizing services doesn’t benefit citizens it benefits the people at the top making the deal (the mayor and town council). If our sewer becomes privately owned by American Water we will be at the mercy of another company whose goal is to make more money for its shareholders each and every year.

Be smart, save yourself and your neighbors from inflated sewer bills! Vote early, vote by mail, vote on election day November 5, 2024 to SAVE OUR GTMUA. ❤️

The image below is how the question may be worded on the November ballot.